Patient Journey

At the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Prevention Center at Cleveland Clinic, every patient has a personalized journey from assessment, to recommendations, to monitoring. The patient journey begins online, and includes both in-person and virtual visits with Cleveland Clinic doctors. The full patient journey is outlined below.
Patient Journey
Patient Journey


Get information about prevention and our center

Learn about who can be a patient & see if you qualify

Provide your primary care doctor’s information

Fill out online questionnaires about your mood, stress, sleep, diet and exercise habits

Take a short memory test


Have your height, weight, and vital signs measured

Take computer and paper-based tests of memory and thinking

Visit 2: Review Results & Get Personalized Recommendations

Meet a board-certified family physician to get personalized recommendations based on your health and medical history, diet, exercise and women’s health concerns. Your doctor will also describe your upcoming blood work

Meet a board-certified neuropsychologist to get personalized recommendations based on your memory and thinking scores, mood, stress, sleep, and lifestyle. Your doctor will also explain research opportunities

Virtual Visit

Your board-certified family physician will review the results of your blood work and genetic test results, and will provide updated recommendations


Every 3 months, you will get an email asking how you are progressing on your personalized lifestyle change and risk reduction opportunities

For Women at Increased Risk

If your assessment shows increased risk for Alzheimer’s disease, we will ask you to return in one year to repeat the process

We will also offer in-person diet and exercise life change classes

Alzheimer’s Prevention for Women is Our Mission

We help women reduce their risks for Alzheimer’s disease