Interested in Alzheimer’s prevention?

Prevention is our goal, too, and risk reduction is our approach.

Follow these steps to make an appointment at the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Prevention Center at Cleveland Clinic in Las Vegas, Nevada:

Our appointments for 2021 are fully booked

Please go to our website now to reserve your place in line to book for 2022.


  1. Answer a few questions about you. Our online form that asks you some questions about eligibility will take around 5 minutes. As soon as you provide us with your basic personal information (including insurance information) and primary care doctor’s contact information, you will be entered into the queue for scheduling—your place is saved. 
  2. Relax and wait for our call. We will call you to compare calendars and book your tentative appointment.

    Due to overwhelming initial response, scheduling is taking us some extra time! Please know that when the automated system says you are in the queue, you are on our list.

  3. Complete your full online assessment within 5 business days to provide health history and allow us to understand your risks as well as your strengths.
  4. We will contact you to confirm your appointment and financial clearance after we receive your completed assessment.

Can’t make it in or want to get started with risk reduction now? See our resources here: Risk Reduction

Please go to our link below now at any time with questions.

Please note:

For your first visit with us (assessment), no family or friends are permitted in the room.  For your second visit (results and recommendations), you are welcome to bring one friend or family member along.


A visit to the Women’s Alzheimer’s Movement Prevention Center is a billable medical appointment. A woman’s out-of-pocket costs will be determined by her insurance plan’s guidelines. A Cleveland Clinic financial counselor is available to guide women through a conversation with their insurance providers.

Alzheimer’s Prevention for Women is Our Mission

We help women reduce their risks for Alzheimer’s disease