Our Approach

Our science-based, comprehensive evaluation and personalized recommendations provided during billable, medical appointments will give women the tools they need to be active participants in risk reduction. We also provide no-cost online resources exclusively for our clinic participants, because we are in this together.

Our Prevention Services

Our clinic uses a tailored combination of web-based and in-person services to assess your risks and help you to make targeted lifestyle changes.

Online Assessment

Our online assessment is designed to give your doctors comprehensive information about your Alzheimer’s disease risks, as well as your background more generally. Your doctors will use this information to create your personalized risk reduction recommendations.

Physical Measurements

At your first in-person visit, we will measure your height, weight, and the size of your waist. We will also measure your vital signs, such as blood pressure and pulse. All of this information will also help your doctors to make personalized recommendations for you.

Cognitive Tests

Online, and at your first clinic visit, we will ask you to complete computer-based and paper-and pencil tests of memory and other aspects of thinking. These tests help your doctors to get a brief snapshot of your current strengths and weaknesses. Your doctors will also use these results to make recommendations for maximizing your skills and reducing risks.

Family Physician Visit

You will meet with a primary care physician for one hour. Your doctor will ask additional questions based on your comprehensive workup results, will review your medical results and give you a summary in paper format. Your doctor will also make personalized recommendations for how you can reduce medical risks for Alzheimer’s, and where to focus your risk reduction efforts

Neuropsychologist Visit

Neuropsychologist Visit

You will meet with a neuropsychologist, who is a doctor specializing in brain and memory functions. Your doctor will ask questions based on your workup, and will review with you the results of your online mood and lifestyle assessment and cognitive testing. Your doctor will make personalized recommendations about mood, lifestyle, and cognition, that are designed to complement your medical recommendations.

Virtual Visit

Two months after your in-person visits to our center, you will have a 30-minute virtual or online visit with our primary care physician. Your doctor will review results of your blood work, and ask about how your lifestyle changes have been going. You will have a chance to ask questions.

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Alzheimer’s Prevention for Women is Our Mission

We help women reduce their risks for Alzheimer’s disease